About Us

Life has many hurdles and we face them daily. Some and the most common are people who you see everyday, people who you know very well and people who know of you. These people are the one's who will always see what you are doing, where and how. Never will they ALL support you and stand by you. Some will be jealous, some will want what you have, some will envy you, some may even want you to fail and not succeed in life and others will HATE on you or HATE you.

Life is about being able to live how you want to live without someone telling you that you are wrong and that you won't be successful in life and without someone telling you what you are worth.

The founder of HATERS KEEP UP, Jay Junior himself has been through a fare share of hardship in his life just like everyone else but he didn't let any of it slow him down or make him give up on life. Instead he use these "HATERS" as his fuel to motivate him and to prove to himself that he is worth something and to prove to all the "HATERS" wrong. Most of these people are his so called "close" friends and some family.

Hate is a strong word but behind this word there are a lot of meanings like, jealousy, disagreement, envy, failure, unsuccessful...Sure you can think of more.

In 2012/2013 Jay Junior transformed himself to become more positive, exciting and ready to face the world. Here, HATERS KEEP UP was born. A phrase which he came up with and used everyday to remind him why he's doing what he's doing. People started catching onto the phrase and were really curious. Some knew what it meant and most people could relate to it.

Jay got one T-shirt made for him to wear to the gym. After posting a picture of this T-shirt onto social media it went viral. Jay wanted to share this new trend with the world and decided to trademark the phrase and turn this into a clothing line. Not any clothing line but a motivational clothing line.

Today HATERS KEEP UP aka HKU offers a range of clothes from Tee's, hoodies, jumpers and gym wear alongside headgear and accessories like wristbands and bags.

We are a brand that you wear with confidence and a brand which shows the HATERS out there that we stand strong.

Be part of our movement. Be confident and wear us.